Drone Services

The DroneMagic PLUS Aerial Advantage

DroneMagic PLUS provides a wide array of compelling aerial drone photographic and video services.

Our experienced team will prepare a project plan and provide a drone and certified pilot to support your specific requirement. The scope of our service offering means that your aerial drone requirements will receive exceptional quality and professional coverage at an affordable cost. The goal of each mission is to provide vivid video and/or high-resolution images that fully support your requirements.

The wide array of DroneMagic PLUS market solutions ranges from commercial applications such as roof inspections to real estate marketing, property management tracking, golf course assessment and analysis, media and social events, environmental monitoring, home or building surveillance and more.

Why DroneMagic PLUS...


Whether a standard package or tailored custom solution, the DroneMagic PLUS sales and project support team will assure that our set of deliverables is fully consistent with your objectives. All project support services are included with each drone mission.


With the project defined, DroneMagic PLUS will plan the mission approach, assign a certified drone pilot, map the location, organize the media deliverables, and manage post production requirements such as video editing and orthomosaic mapping.


An FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot will safely and legally fly each drone mission. The drone equipment and related system components are commercially-rated to provide the superior quality that our clients have come to expect.


DroneMagic PLUS employs multiple techniques to optimize the quality of media deliverables. This includes DNG and JPEG photos, 4K video, edited videos and techniques such as pull-away shots, points-of-interest, fly-overs, dolly shots, 360 panos and more.


To ensure safety, quality and professionalism, DroneMagic PLUS employs intelligent drone management software. Our automated approach provides precision flight management to achieve compelling aerial video and image capture.

Inspection Service Solutions

Roofs, Construction Sites, Towers, Solar Panels

DroneMagic PLUS’s aerial services will generate high-resolution photographic images and videos to:

      • Document the condition of surfaces to assess quality and safety
      • Historical records to document progress or issues over time
      • Insurance documentation for pre and post-storm photographic assessment
      • Evaluate flat roof surfaces and sub-surfaces
      • Analyze roof gutters and downspouts for potential issues such as blockages and clogs
road construction
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Real Estate Marketing Solutions

DroneMagic PLUS is a compelling solution for real estate marketing that will generate vivid, hi-resolution photos and videos. Our service provides a unique and captivating aerial perspective when it comes to property marketing including:

      • Drone services for both residential and commercial markets
      • Fully produced aerial drone video tours with optional background music and voice-over for marketing advantage
      • Aerial and handheld hi-resolution photos and videos to provide a unique property perspective including the house or building and the surrounding area
      • Techniques include cinematic reveals, pans, dolly sweeps, circular orbits, and descending or ascending photography that creates a dynamic and compelling story
residential real estate
commercial real estate

Monitoring Service Solutions

From the moment you break ground to opening day, monitoring the progress of your construction project is key to keeping investors informed, spotting potential problems, and staying on time and within budget. For large undertakings, such as sprawling infrastructure projects or multi-building complexes, drone construction progress monitoring is a cost-effective, time-efficient way to stay on top of your next project.

constructions sites
road construction

Surveying and Mapping Service Solutions

Combining traditional methods of data collection with drone data collection, mappers and surveyors can see the following benefits:

    • Improved Safety: When dangerous terrain has to be measured and mapped, sending teams out to these areas can potentially lead to accidents and injury. Instead, drones can be deployed to scan mountainous areas, icy locations, and areas where wildlife may be a concern, creating a safer environment for your team.
    • Speed: Drones can scan acres of land in a fraction of the time it takes to manually survey on the ground, especially in areas of challenging terrain. On average, our teams scan 700 acres per day per team.
    • Reduced Cost: Being able to send a drone up to capture data is faster and safer, which automatically reduces costs.
    • Enhance the Quality of Data: Drones are constantly scanning and creating thousands of measurements. Combining this data with traditional data collection methods can improve the quality of data.
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aerial mapping missions

Golf Course Solutions

DroneMagic PLUS golf course photography captures aerial images and comprehensive ground data quickly and affordably. Drone photography and imagery can be used for both marketing the club and maintaining the course.


      • Bird’s-eye view photography, crystal clear content including videos and images, hole descriptions, caddy tips, and more
      • Marketing content including clubhouse aerial photography for website. Uses include:
        • promotional video for membership marketing,
        • help sell weddings and special events
        • content for social media posts, great for news letters

Agronomy Management

      • Plant Health NDVI Imaging (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) to spot issues that the human eye cannot detect.
      • Quickly assess damage following weather events
      • Manage water resources by analyzing water runoff patterns
      • Monitor under and over watering
      • Spot broken sprinkler heads
      • “Orthomosaic” Course Mapping with multiple images stitched together to make a composite image
golf course
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