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Roof Inspection and Report

Collect high-resolution imagery and generate visual insurance documentation

order roof inspection and report service

Roof Inspection and Report

The DroneMagic PLUS Roof Inspection and Report service provides a unique aerial perspective that is highly safe, cost effective and time efficient. This service is ideal for roof inspections and reports for home or commercial insurance documentation. The aerial photographic and report deliverables are comprehensive.

Commercial Real Estate

Sell your commercial real estate properties faster with high quality aerial imagery

Drone Services for Commercial Real Estate

Differentiating your property listings with high-resolution photography and 4K video will provide a compelling competitive edge. Drones allow aerial shots and a variety of property views and surrounding area vistas that provide an added real estate selling advantage. A drone’s dramatic high-resolution imagery simply cannot be acquired efficiently or effectively with other photographic platforms. In particular, on-line listings are significantly enhanced through the addition of experiential drone photography and video tours. Consider using a drone’s aerial cameras to produce dramatic imagery, sweeping landscape shots, horizon panoramas and seamless 360-degree exterior property views.  

Residential Real Estate

Showcase homes from the sky

Drones Services for Residential Real Estate

DroneMagic PLUS provides stunning aerial drone footage including compelling images, videos, panoramas and edited productions that showcase residential properties from a unique aerial perspective. Our service is ideal for presenting an entire property, the surrounding neighborhood, large footprint structures and context to nearby stores, amenities and features. Professional pilots will provide fast and stunning aerial photography services. A support specialist will ensure that our drone services fit perfectly with your business requirements or marketing objectives.

Property Management

Actionable insights for managing properties

Drone Services for Property Management

DroneMagic PLUS provides high-resolution aerial images, video, and maps as tools for managed buildings and communities. Our aerial drone imagery provide property managers with highly accurate, crystal-clear digital documentation that is used for marketing and as support for maintenance programs and resident fines. The drone’s high-resolution imagery will provide real-time insights into all managed property areas. Our services for the community of property managers includes photographic and video assessment for all roofs, outdoor HVAC equipment, landscaping, parking lots and common areas.

Engineering and Construction

Manage engineering and construction projects more efficiently with imagery and data from drones

Drone Services for Engineering and Construction

DroneMagic PLUS provides an aerial advantage to track, map, survey and inspect your engineering and construction projects. Our drone services provide crystal clear, high-resolution photography, videography, 3-D imagery and site mapping that will safely document structures and sites. Over time, the exact replication of missions will provide an exceptional tool for historically tracking progress. Our images, video and orthomosaic mapping will provide an optimal means for safe, timely and efficient visual progress for architects, project managers, construction managers, stakeholders and investors.

Golf Courses

Showcase your golf course from the sky!

Drone Services for Golf Courses

DroneMagic PLUS drone services provide compelling aerial footage including images, video and panoramas to both market the club and maintain the course. The creation of a golf course drone video is an exceptional way to promote the club to drive memberships. Also, through the use of specialized thermal and NDVI cameras, drone imagery can spot irrigation issues and measure plant health before they become critical.